Author: Allen S. Rosenfeld
Publisher: 1stBooks Library / AuthorHouse
Release Date: October 2003
ISBN: 9781420851748 [hardcover]
ISBN: 9781410719850 [paperback]
ISBN: 9781410719847 [ebook]
Good reading: Speaking of giving, in particular, gifts to your loved ones, this season consider the book, “Charley Burley, the Life and Hard Times of an Uncrowned Champion,” written by Detroiter and former contributor to the Michigan Chronicle, Allen S. Rosenfeld. This book makes for good reading during those cold winter evenings. For those who still have the joys of the company of elder statesmen in the family, try dropping some of the names featured in this book, then sit back and enjoy their recollections.
When I was a kid, there was an old adage you would often hear that went, “You’re too good for your own good.” If ever a person existed, especially in the sport of boxing, that best exemplified those words, it would be Charley Burley. Boxing professionally from 1939 to his last fight in 1950, and compiling a very impressive ring record of 85-23-2 (50 KOs) during one of the most talent-laden eras of the sport, Burley never received a shot at the world title.

Rosenfeld takes a hard and detailed look at the long career of Burley in a most objective manner. Scanning and compressing hundreds of newspaper and boxing magazine articles, he’s carefully cataloged the welterweight and middleweight boxing scene of the 1930s-40s into a factual scrapbook, sparing the reader of trivial fluff, yet retaining its colorful anecdotes. Reserving his personal opinion as to why Burley was denied a title-shot opportunity, Rosenfeld presents all the factual information for the reader to reach his/her own conclusion.

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At Ringside with Frank Garza
feature writer for the Michigan Chronicle
and local boxing referee
article published 12/13/2007
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